Best In Show

       Birthdate: April 1, 2004

  Sabre is a large, long coated black & red sable with a weight of 125 lbs. He has the typical King Shepherd head type; large, square and well-defined, with a straight top line and also excellent bone and hips. His PennHip scores are 0.38 right and 0.44 left.  His temperament is unequaled and what we strive for in the King Shepherd in both friendliness, companionship, protectiveness and faithfulness!  He is one of the happiest dogs I have ever owned!  All he wants to do is please.
    Sabre's had a long and distinguished show career starting at the early age of 6 months. He has had multiple Best In Show's with the American King Shepherd Club (AKSC) in addition to the NAKC (formerly Rarities). He has his Supreme Grand Monarch title with AKSC, his International Championship, Grand Championship and Supreme Grand Championship with the NAKC, and his Championship with ARBA. He also has obtained his CD-a Obedience title with AKSC, and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate with the AKC.

Sabre has produced multiple Champions;  Brutus (residing with Castle O'Cuinn King Shepherds), Thunder (here at Highland Mist), Jackson (at Castle O'Cuinn),
Tinkerbell (Highland Mist), Rambo, Guinevere and Alexandra.


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