Best Junior Puppy In Show


Birthdate:  August 3, 2007

Tinkerbell is a large black and red  long coated female with an approximate weight of 90 lbs.  Her bone and body structure is excellent, especially
being very square with a straight top line.  Her PennHip scores are 0.40 right and 0.43 left.  Tinkerbell has one of the sweetest temperaments,
and will give unconditional love, not to mention a very trusting nature. 

Tinkerbell's show career started late in 2007 obtaining a Baby Puppy in Show for Rarities/NAKC, then proceeded to win Best Jr. Puppy in
Show in 2008 for Rarities/NAKC.  She has her Rarities/NAKC Championship, and in 2009 received her American King Shepherd Club
Championship and Grand Monarch title.



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